About Shareholder Live

Our mission is to provide the most advanced interactive virtual venue serving publicly traded companies. Corporate communication and disseminating timely information to shareholders is vital. Shareholder LIVE is designed to offer the most secured interactive broadcast settings in the market. Shareholder Live is a virtual interactive conforming to FINRA and regulatory financial compliance guidelines.

Every CEO knows that building closer ties with investors requires transparency and a special relationship. Your investors want to know and should be aware of current and upcoming issues that your organization or issuer may face, particularly those that relate to fiduciary duty and organizational impact. In particular, it must be able to assess the various patterns of stock-trading that a public company may experience, often as the result of a public disclosure or research reports issued by financial analysts.

Shareholder LIVE is the most advanced virtual venue that empowers public and private companies in an interactive secured settings serving time sensitive strategic corporate communications and Annual Shareholders’ Meeting. To learn more, contact inquiry@XIVACorp.com and schedule a demo.


  • Huge cost savings versus traditional shareholder meeting venues
  • Increased shareholder participation in company governance
  • Flexibility in choosing shareholder meeting venues
  • Secure Live Interactive platform


  • Time & travel cost savings while attending shareholder meetings
  • Simple, intuitive, and easy to attend meetings
  • No software downloads, 3rd party plug-ins, No Install, No Cookies
  • Enhances management transparency vis-a-vis shareholders
  • Attend meetings from the comfort of your home and or office